Hello! Let me introduce you to our wee business. I’m Tracey, founder and one half of the Craft sum More team. We're dedicated to helping you and your kiddos build skills crafting happy family memories.

Where did it begin?
I had a career in a great (but stressful!) job. After two redundancies in three years, I knew it was time for a change. I wanted to do something I was passionate about that would make a difference in people's lives. As a life-long crafter, I’d enjoyed the mental health benefits crafting brings. I saw a way I could combine my passion and desire, by passing these benefits on to our future crafters, helping kids develop and bringing families together through crafts.

I’ve been teaching kids to craft since 2017 as an accredited Knitting For All teacher. Since Covid-19 struck, I’ve missed having face-to-face classes with the kids. It seemed unfair that they were missing out on getting creative and learning new crafts. They were also missing out on all the other wonderful benefits that crafting brings, like mindfulness, problem solving, self-expression, relaxation, and improving focus and fine motor skills. These are skills that will stand them in good stead for a lifetime.

Craft sum More is all about quality family time. Family is so important to me, that my daughter Tiffany has joined me on this mission. A typical "team meeting" takes place outdoors, where the fresh air clears away cobwebs and sparks the creative juices.

I started Craft sum More because I wanted to make it easy to get kids and their families bonding over crafts. We package happiness in a craft kit, delivered right through your door. Sign up to our newsletter, or connect with us on social media to see when we add new kits.

So grab a cuppa, open your kit and let’s begin building those life skills while you craft happy family memories.

Designed for Success

Our projects can be completed quickly, so children grow in confidence and feel accomplished.

Teacher Reviewed

Our kits have been teacher reviewed to ensure they are age & stage appropriate.


Each kit is lovingly handmade right here in bonny Scotland.

Meet the Team

We're not just a team, we're family!